Special Steel Producers Prefer Danieli Peeling Machines

A new-concept peeling machine for large diameters ordered by Baosteel

Following the excellent operational results achieved by the peeling machine for special steel bars in operation at Baoshan plant since February 2019, Baosteel confirmed its preference for Danieli downstream finishing processes and ordered a new peeling machine to be installed also at Baoshan plant in March 2020.

Featuring a new design to fulfill the “fully automatic without changing tools position” concept, the new machine will peel large-diameter bars up to 200 mm.

This original, technical solution reduces production time up to 15% and performs both cylindric and conical shape bar peeling.

The machine is very compact and its stiffness guarantees ISO h8 tolerance continuous production.

The above performances have been confirmed during the full testing at Danieli workshops before shipping.

The total supply time from order to startup requested by Baosteel is 12 months.

Source: Danieli